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Artwork Creation Process


The Pencil to Pixel to Print process is a full spectrum art creation process offered by my automotive art & design agency.  This unique service takes the original commissioned artwork which can be displayed in your home, office or garage, and converts it to a digital format which can then easily be transfered onto other products and materials.  This process maximises the potential that the commissioned artwork can be used for – the below sections explain briefly what the process entails.


Original Automotive Art


I create unique drawings and designs.  All the art materials I use are durable, long-lasting and of the highest quality. Old-school techniques are combined with modern materials, to make sure that every commissioned artwork that leaves my agency is a beautiful masterpiece.

Mediums: I use a variety of high-quality markers, pens and pencils to achieve the highest possible level of detail in my artwork. These include Copic markers and multiliners, Faber-Castell, Derwent and Prismacolor pencils.

Paper: My artwork is done on high-quality, ultra-white, smooth paper, made by Strathmore. This acid-free paper is exclusively made for the mediums I use, to ensure very vibrant and deep colours. The paper size of 330 x 510 mm (13 x 20 inches) and weight of 300gsm give the drawings a premium look and feel.

Fixative: After a commissioned artwork is completed, I spray it with several light layers of high-quality Krylon Gallery Series Fine Art Fixative, which safeguards the drawing from dusting, smudging and fading.


Digital Scanning


In addition to receiving the original automotive artwork, my agency offers a post-production digital scanning service, perfect for reproducing your original artwork as prints and for transferring onto other products and materials. This service is also the ideal solution if you’d like an enlargement of your artwork made.

Artworks are scanned on an Epson Expression 11000XL that has a DMax of 3.8 - which means it captures all the tones and details in the original artwork ensuring superior image quality and clarity.

Depending on the commission, multiple scans of different artworks can also be merged together to create one seamless image as can be seen in the artwork created for Superformance.


Printing Purposes


After scanning, the artwork goes through an extensive digital editing process using Adobe Photoshop. This process involves brightness and contrast enhancements, colour correction, as well as the removal of the background and any imperfections. The optimised artwork files are then made available for download as high-resolution digital image files ready to be used for all printing purposes.

Just think of the all the creative possibilities! By having optimised, high-resolution digital image files of your artwork you can have it professionally printed, to your exact specifications, onto an array of quality fine art papers and/or materials that will work great for wall art, clothing, home decor, stationery, stickers, and more!


For more details on the artwork creation process:

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