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Automotive Car Art Porsche Paintings and Commissions by The Cartist Clive Botha


Commissioning your own pop art painting consists of a few simple steps:


Contact > Payment > Painting > Shipping



The first step in the process of commissioning a custom pop art painting of your car will be to contact me via email at or one of my social media channels. When you contact me, please include at least 1 to 3 reference photos of the subject matter and send them to me via email. We can discuss the layout and design possibilities and I will advise which photo(s) will work best as reference for the artwork.



Once you are happy with the proposed design and layout we will move to making payment. PayPal is the preferred and secured payment method for all international customers.

A full cost-estimate will be given before any payment is made. Pricing for pop art paintings are dependent on a number of factors, such as the canvas size, as well as the complexity and level of detail of the subject matter. Pricing for commissioned pop art paintings usually range from $1,000 to $3,500 USD.  For the commissions process to commence a 50% deposit is required.



Once the payment is received, your commissioned artwork will be added to my schedule. The entire commissioning process will take roughly 4 to 6 weeks to complete, depending on how busy I am with other projects and commissions. I will keep you updated during the process and send you photos of the painting once completed.

Mediums: All my paintings are hand-painted using high-quality and durable art materials which include Winsor & Newton and Daler Rowney professional acrylic paints and brushes.

Canvas: All my paintings are done on premium grade 100% cotton 380gsm fine weave stretched canvas. Various sizes are available to choose from starting at 24 x 33 inches and larger.

Varnish: After each painting is completed, it is varnished with Liquitex professional gloss varnish which adjusts and unifies the surface sheen, boosts the brightness and colour saturation, as well as protects the painting against dust, dirt and UV light.



Once the painting is finished and you are happy with the end result, the remaining 50% payment must be paid before the painting is shipped. Shipping comes with full online tracking and tracing. Delivery takes between 3 to 6 business days, depending upon destination and customs.

Please note that the artwork will be rolled and shipped unframed. In order to roll the artwork for shipping, the artwork is removed from its frame, rolled and then packaged to be shipped in a solid, sturdy postal tube which ensures it reaches its final destination in perfect condition.

When the artwork arrives at its destination, you simply re-frame it with the help of a local framer or art handler. On average, the amount of money to re-frame the artwork will be much less than the amount of money it would take to ship the artwork ‘ready-to-hang’. When done properly, this method is also much safer for the artwork and the chances of the artwork being damaged in transit are also much lower.

My artworks have successfully been shipped to countries all over the world, including the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, as well as countries across Europe and the Middle East.






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