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Lance Stander Superformance Artwork by The Cartist Clive Botha


Merging Multiple Original Artworks


From Pencil to Pixel to Print - the artwork above of Lance Stander, CEO of Superformance, Hillbank Motor Corp and Shelby Legendary Cars was created from multiple individual hand-drawn artworks, using markers, pens and pencils on Strathmore Bristol board size: 13 x 20 inches as can be seen in the images below.  After completion, the individual artworks were scanned in high-resolution and merged together digitally within Adobe Photoshop to create a single and seamless digital image file.  The digital image artwork file retains all the qualities of the original hand-drawn artworks (marker strokes and pencil mark-making), so that if printed professionally, as large fine art or canvas prints, it would look like a large original artwork created by hand.  The final high-resolution digital artwork file can be printed to A0 size: 33.1 x 46.8 inches.



About Superformance


With a selection of 1960's race cars, Superformance distributes in the USA and in their network of dealerships all over the world.  Superformance has a long-standing relationship with South African based Hi-Tech Automotive, who has the largest speciality car production facility in the world.  Together, they were responsible for the building and supplying of a good number of vehicles that featured in the 2019 "Ford v Ferrari" movie!



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